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Google Android 10 Review | PCMag Jun 22, 2020 What does android mean? - Quora Literally, it means "manlike," deriving from the Greek word for "man" and an ending that means "like" or "similar to". In common parlance, it's come to refer primarily to artificial beings that are manlike in form. (Natural creatures that are vagu

Android also has its very own attributes which can be used with ?android:attr/. The actual value that is going to be used in the end depends on the theme used to inflate the said layout. This theme can be specified in the manifest in the block for an app wide theme or in the block for a …

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In most cases this means flashing a custom recovery, as many stock recoveries are limited to patching only specific (OEM) files. A more 'direct' way would be to directly flash a new /system partition (with root files) using some flashing tool. Such tools include: odin(PC--Samsung only) fastboot(PC--Generic Android) flashify(app--Generic Android)

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