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CONFIRMED: Jo Jung Suk is the 1st actor nominated in the Jul 25, 2020 BTS Completely Dominates MelOn's Music Chart From #1 Down But most notably, BTS literally took over the popular Korean music platform, MelOn with their new album! Within just hours of its release, all of the new tracks from “MAP OF THE SOUL: 7” lined up from #1 onwards. From #1 to #14, it was decorated with BTS’s new album cover! korean music charts : kpophelp - reddit melon is a streaming service and these services can have their own real-time, daily, weekly charts that measure the # of unique listeners of a song per hour, per day, per week. of the korean streaming services, melon is the largest with 39% market share, genie is around 25%, flo around 21%. vibe, soribada, bugs are all less than 10%. Melon chart is the proof Koreans really don't care much

Award-winning Pinoy band Ben&Ben and their song “Leaves” entered South Korean music chart Melon’s real-time search, apparently after getting shout-outs from members of K-pop idol groups. Fan accounts on Twitter posted a screenshot of the July 22 search chart showing that the phrases “Ben&Ben” was No. 1 while “Leaves” and “leaf

Just How Rampant is Chart Manipulation in South Korea? The Gaon Chart Policy Committee – composed of Korean streaming providers Naver Music, Bugs, Melon, Soribada,, and Genie – recently unveiled its real-time chart operation plan. Through

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|Top 100| Gaon Digital Weekly Chart, 12 - 18 July 2020 Jul 23, 2020 [TOP 50] Gaon Korean Music Chart 2020 [June Week 2] - YouTube Jun 21, 2020 MelOn 5.1.2 for Android - Download