Jan 19, 2017

How To Write Great Release Notes | ProdPad Jun 01, 2016 Release Notes Template - 14+ Free Word, PDF Documents The dynamics of any business change rapidly and that defines the need for a memo that keeps track of all the developments. Hence, the use of release notes Template word which are given away along with software products while they are still being developed.Release note templates cover what’s new, bug fixes and mention the frequently asked questions.

Mar 13, 2013 · A good set of release notes can help make a release cycle smooth and more efficient. A lack of or insufficient release notes can lead to delays, repetitive reporting of issues and increased project hours. When you begin using release notes you will quickly see the benefits. Remember to ask your readers for feedback.

Purpose of the release note – So as not to create confusion on the recipient’s end, provide a concise statement about the function of the release note you’re using. Unlike promissory note templates that are easy to recognize, release notes have similar characteristics with order forms that is why you should clearly define its purpose. A well designed release notes page template – along with thoughtful, helpful content – will help you create release notes that not only fulfill the duty of documenting your work but something else: good, repeatable, and consistent communications that deepen your relationship with your audience.

See the full torch_xla release notes here and the full docs here. New High level autograd API [Experimental] PyTorch 1.5 brings new functions including jacobian, hessian, jvp, vjp, hvp and vhp to the torch.autograd.functional.* submodule. This feature builds on the current API and allow the user to easily perform these functions. See the full

Jan 19, 2017 Releases · microsoft/PTVS · GitHub Jan 24, 2017 [redirected]Vuforia Engine Sample Release Notes Release Notes FAQs [redirected]Vuforia Engine Sample Release Notes. Vuforia Samples v8.6.10 . Bugfixes / Features ; All. N/A. Android . N/A: iOS . N/A: UWP. Updated the Vuforia HoloLens sample in the Unity Asset Store with a new version that shows integration with the Mixed Reality Toolkit (MRTK) and how to leverage the new hand gesture 5 software Release Notes Template - SampleTemplatess